Vendor Rules

Vendor Rules & Regulations

Vendor compliance at all times with the following rules and regulations is a condition of the Vendor License
Agreement. If a Vendor receives three (3) infractions total during the time vending at the Market that Vendor’s License shall be immediately suspended and subject to termination by the Market in the Market’s sole and absolute discretion. To be considered for reinstatement, the Vendor must file a written commitment letter stating that the Vendor understands the Vendor Rules & Regulations and agrees to unconditionally comply with those rules and regulations.
Any requests for reinstatement are subject to approval of the Market, in the Market’s sole and absolute discretion.



  1. Vendor shall maintain the booth space in a sanitary and orderly condition.
  2. Vendor shall not sell or permit to be kept or used upon or about the booth space any gasoline, distillate or other petroleum products or any other substance or material of an explosive, flammable or radiological nature as may be prohibited by any such insurance policy, or which may endanger any part of the Market premises or its customers.
  3. Vendor shall keep the booth space suitably lighted during such hours as Market may reasonably require.
  4. Vendor shall refrain from burning any incense, trash, or waste materials of any kind, or otherwise creating noxious odors in or about the Market premises.
  5. Vendor shall refrain from keeping, displaying or selling any merchandise or any object on any portion of any atrium, sidewalks, walkway or other portion of the common area except as specifically approved in writing by the Market.
  6. Vendor shall immediately remove any sign, advertisement, decoration, lettering or notice placed on the booth space which the Market deems objectionable or offensive and if Vendor fails or refuses to do so, the Market may remove the same at Vendor’s expense.
  7. No coin or token operated vending machines, or similar devices for the sale of any goods, the Market will permit wares, merchandise, food, beverage or services on the Market premises, without the specific approval in writing.
  8. Vendor shall not permit any sale by auction to be conducted on or about the Market premises without the prior written consent of the Market, including bankruptcy or “going out of business” sales.
  9. Stock and Display: Vendor shall maintain a complete inventory of merchandise every business day. Any racks shelves or boxes must remain within Vendor’s space. The perimeter may not be used for excess storage.
  10. Cords: Electric cords, or other cords, need to be firmly secured to the ground. Vendors have to supply their own extension cord of at least 20ft long. Each booth is limited to 300w, for lighting use only, not for heating or cooling. No power cords will be put out for the summer month.
  11. Heaters: Propane space heaters are allowed during cold seasons. The unit must be safe and “Fire Code approved.
  12. Animals: Vendors may not bring any animal into Vendor’s booth or onto Market premises.
  13. Stereos/Radios: Stereos, radios, “boom-boxes” or any other sound reproduction equipment is not allowed.
  14. Garbage: Vendor shall store all trash and garbage in a designated area so located as not to be visible to the Market patrons. Vendor shall avoid any health or fire hazard and arrange for their prompt and regular removal during hours to be specified by the Market. The garbage area is located on the Plaza of the New Market Bldg. Vendor shall clean their booth at the end of the business day, and deposit all garbage and refuse in the Dumpster in the garbage area.
  15. Smoking: No smoking inside, in front of or around the booth at any time.
  2. Booths: All retail booths must be 8’x8′ with a white top. All booths must be pre-approved and a photo supplied to keep on record. All food booths must be 8’x8′ with a white fire resistant top. Vendor shall provide the canopy for the booth. All vendors must have side tarps between neighbors. Booths are allowed to remain standing at the end of the evening on Saturday. However, the Market shall not responsible for any damage or stolen merchandise left overnight. Booths must be removed Sunday evening at closing.
  3. Awning: No awning is allowed.
  4. Signs: All sign designs are subject to prior approval by the Market Signs cannot exceed the height of the top of the booth, or exceed 10 feet from the ground. Signs must remain completely inside Vendor’s space. Suggestions: carved or hand-painted wood signs, painted Plexiglas, soft sculpture or calligraphy.


  2. Market may designate particular entrances for deliveries of equipment or other property. Vendor shall not use any other entrances or elevators for such purposes. All persons employed and methods used to move property must be approved by the Market prior to any movement. Market shall have the right to prescribe the maximum weight, size and position of all equipment or other heavy property brought into the Market. Heavy objects shall stand on a platform of such thickness as Market may deem necessary to distribute the weight properly.
  3. Loading and Unloading: The loading area is located on Ankeny Street from 2nd Avenue to Front Street. Drivers must stay in vehicle at all times while waiting on 2nd Avenue to get into loading area on Ankeny. Do not leave vehicle unattended on 2nd Ave or you will be issued a citation from the city of Portland.
  4. Time Limit: Vendor vehicles may be parked in loading area for a maximum of 20 minutes while loading and unloading. Vendors should unload vehicles as quickly as possible and then move their vehicle. Vehicles left parked in the loading area longer than 20 minutes will be towed. These rules also apply to vehicle loading at the end of the day. Vehicles may not be parked in the loading and unloading area before 5:30 p.m. on Saturday and 5:00 p.m. on Sunday.
  5. Handcarts: Vendor will provide any handcart or other equipment necessary to load or unload Vendor’s booth or merchandise. All Market handcarts are for the exclusive use of Market employees and designated individuals.



  1. Vendor shall refrain from committing or permitting any waste or unlawful, improper or offensive use of the Premise, or any nuisance or act or thing which may disturb the quiet enjoyment of any other Tenant, concessionaire, Vendor or occupant of the Market or their customers.
  2. Vendor shall not use any advertising or promotional medium which can be heard or experienced outside their cart within the Market        including flashing lights, search lights, loud speakers, phonographs, radios, and/or televisions.
  3.  Vendors shall not solicit customers from other Market vendors. Hawking and yelling out loud for customers is prohibited.
  4. Alcohol: Vendors shall not be permitted to bring alcohol into the Vendor’s booth or onto Market premises, except in specific areas designated by the Market. All illegal drugs and/or controlled substances are prohibited on Market premises.
  5. Hours: Vendor shall be completely set-up and ready for business by 10:00 on Saturdays, and 11:00 on Sundays. Vendors arriving late forfeit the right to vend at the Market for that day. Vendor shall ensure that Vendor’s booth is attended at all times from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Saturdays and from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sundays.
  6. Closing: Except for normal closing time on Sundays, Vendor shall notify the Market by telephone at least one day in advance of closing for the weekend if Vendor is open on a Saturday and desires to close the next day. All tents have to be removed if a vendor wish to close for Sunday, if tents were not removed a walk-in vendor may use the tent for the day, or the Management will remove the tent for a charge of $20.00 to the vendor.


  2. Waiting List: In the interests of fairness, it is the policy of the Market to utilize a waiting list for Vendors interested in more space or a different location. Vendors must submit a written request to the Market to be placed on the waiting list.
  3. Vendor License Renewal: Vendor Licenses are not automatically renewed for subsequent years. Vendors must reapply each year to the Market. Returning vendors shall receive a priority over new applicants if the vendor submits the application for the next season by January 15th of that year.

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  1. Food Vendors: are required to lay down rubber mat under their cooking equipment to prevent the grease from reaching the bare ground. At closing all food and retail vendors are responsible to clean up their spaces.
  2. Food Vendors: have to provide the Market with a propane permit obtained from the fire department. It is the responsibility of the food vendor to check with the fire department on all permit required for an outdoor booth location.
  3. Food vendors: have to provide the Market with a copy of the health permit obtained from Multnomah County at (503)988-5257.